About Me


Dentistry has allowed me to persue my passion for helping people while at the same time being part of an innovative and physically demanding job.

Growing up in a family of dentists my interest started young.

I discovered early that surgery was the path I wanted to follow and was therefore my out and out focus. With years of research and most importantly experience my practice has evolved.

In the recent years I have come to understand the importance of oral health, not just on a stand alone basis, but as a holistic part of the body´s health. This led me to specialize in the field of  "Biological Dentistry".

Born in Sweden, to a Swedish mother and German father, I always enjoyed the best of both worlds;

The relaxed "hygge" lifestyle of Sweden and the driving ambition and work ethic of Germany.

In the last decade I built up "Privatkliniken - Centrum för tandvård" in southeast Sweden. Privatkliniken now has 2 dental clinics and about 20 employees.

I now work all over Europe, mainly in Sweden and Austria.


Examen| University of Heidelberg, Dentistry

2005 - 2008 | University of Heidelberg, Faculty of Oral-maxillofacial-surgery; topic "Bisphosphonate induced Osteonecrosis of the jaw"


Stateclinic Lyckeby, Sweden


Clinical chief at Praktikertjänst, Sweden


Clinical chief, Primarius at Privatkliniken, Sweden


M.Sc. | Goethe University of Frankfurt; Accuracy of Virtual 3-D  Planning of Dental Implant & Prosthethics using Cone Beam Tecniques & Intraoral Scans; A totally digital workflow

2015 -

Speaker for Straumann and Botiss

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