Dr. Stellan Bergert

My Story

Dentistry has allowed me to persue my passion for helping people while at the same time being part of an innovative and physically demanding job.

Growing up in a family of dentists my interest started young.

I discovered early that surgery was the path I wanted to follow and was therefore my out and out focus. With years of research and most importantly experience my practice has evolved.

In the recent years I have come to understand the importance of oral health, not just on a stand alone basis, but as a holistic part of the body´s health. This led me to specialize in the field of  “Biological Dentistry”.

Born in Sweden, to a Swedish mother and German father, I always enjoyed the best of both worlds;

The relaxed “hygge” lifestyle of Sweden and the driving ambition and work ethic of Germany.

In the last decade I built up “Privatkliniken – Centrum för tandvård” in southeast Sweden. Privatkliniken now has 2 dental clinics and about 20 employees.

I now work all over Europe, mainly in Sweden and Austria.

My work


Examen| University of Heidelberg, Dentistry

2005 – 2008

Dr.med.dent. | University of Heidelberg, Faculty of Oral-maxillofacial-surgery; topic “Bisphosphonate induced Osteonecrosis of the jaw”


Stateclinic Lyckeby, Sweden


Clinical chief at Praktikertjänst, Sweden


Clinical chief, Primarius at Privatkliniken, Sweden


M.Sc. | Goethe University of Frankfurt; Accuracy of Virtual 3-D  Planning of Dental Implant & Prosthethics using Cone Beam Techniques & Intraoral Scans; A totally digital workflow

2015 –

International speaker in the field of Biological Dentistry, Bone and Soft Tissue Augmentations